MyDGSA: Dangerous goods in safe hands.

MyDGSA is owned and managed by Simon Howes DGSA.

Simon is a fully trained and experienced DGSA who:

  • has worked in chemical distribution for 25 years;
  • has first-hand experience of working with hazardous substances and implementing dangerous goods regulations; and
  • gained DfT approval as a dangerous goods instructor in 2009.

Dangerous goods regulations, demystified.

While working with dangerous goods, Simon noticed a problem: Businesses were struggling to interpret the complex regulations correctly and had no easy access to the guidance they needed.

He decided to address the issue by starting MyDGSA: a business that would provide straightforward advice, support and training for those working with dangerous goods.

Simon now assists businesses, other DGSAs and training providers, delivering high-quality DGSA support.

Dedicated to successful dangerous goods management.

MyDGSA has a strong client focus and a clear mission.

  • To meet your specific DGSA needs, providing a service that is right for you.
  • To provide comprehensive DGSA support with clear, accurate guidance and outstanding safety standards.
  • To excel in understanding your dangerous goods practices, determining the correct approach and seeing it through to completion.